What is a Civic Association?

 A civic association is a non-partisan, non-denominational, and non-profit organization aimed at improving a neighborhood through volunteer work. Unlike a homeowners’ association (HOA), membership and dues are voluntary, and we do not enforce rules on homeowners. Civic associations also represent residents’ issues and concerns to local/state government to protect the interests of homeowners and renters. 



 The Good Hope Estates Civic Association (GHECA for short) is YOUR community advocacy organization. GHECA petitions our elected officials and County staff to provide better services for our area, such as park/playground upkeep, road maintenance, snow plowing, and new sidewalks. We host regular meetings and events to help neighbors get to know each other and strengthen our community. 


How we strive

GHECA is not a homeowners association, so we do not enforce rules or require mandatory payment of dues. We are an all-volunteer organization supported by voluntary donations from nearly 200 residents like you. You can join or make a donation today.